Proprietors of Enrollment Solutions

Our innovative and personalized suite of communication tools, teams of support specialists, and efficient management systems are designed to make enrollment a breeze.

We obsess over how to make benefits enrollment easier so you don’t have to

And we think you’re going to like what we’ve come up with

Whether you’re doing it online, face-to-face, or telephonically, we provide year-round, nationwide support with multiple language capabilities. Our process saves everyone from stuffy meetings and allows more employees to enroll in less time away from their workplace. And the old game of chase-the-employee? That’s a thing of the past thanks to our personalized, immersive systems of texting, emailing, and scheduling, as well as employee interaction tracking.

Online/Self-Service Enrollment

Create an amazing experience for independent employees that prefer to enroll online.

Virtual Enrollment

Provide an alternative to remote employees that still prefer professional advice.

Face-to-Face Enrollment

Offer employees the traditional approach to enrollment with the in-person support they are looking for.

From start to finish, we’ve got you covered.

We help coordinate open enrollment, manage employee rosters, organize data collection and formatting. We roll up our sleeves to navigate pre-enrollment engagement, provide post-enrollment support, and are here to help you kill it with the onboarding process.

  • Enrollment Strategy Consultation

    Our specialists will guide you toward the best plan to get the highest number of employees enrolled with the least amount of stress.

  • Ben Admin System Configuration

    A custom-built Ease or Navigator platform to give employees the best possible enrollment experience and a behind-the-scenes communication dashboard to keep an eye on enrollment status and other stats.

  • Communication Campaign Deployment

    Hit send on personalized, strategic messages and emails directed to your employees with our support to make sure it goes hitch-free.

  • Employee Engagement & Enrollment

    We’ll work side-by-side with you to execute personalized tools that inspire engagement and motivate enrollment.

  • HR Support & Enrollment Finalization

    Forget about chasing down employees to determine their enrollment status, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to eliminate this headache and finalize enrollment without the stress.

  • Data Management

    Easily navigate electronic charts, graphs, and stats that we manage and keep in tiptop shape.

  • New Hire & Perpetual Enrollment Architecture

    Benefits enrollment doesn’t happen just once annually, so we provide the tools you need to make sure engagement and registration is effective all year round.

  • Development of Employee Wellness Engagement

    Keep employees engaged and empowered to make informed choices about their healthcare and wellbeing.

Nationwide enrollment team

Multiple languages available

Online appointment scheduling


Transparency during every step of the process

Keep an eye on progress and employee engagement from behind the scenes and eliminate doubts about employee behavior. Wondering if a notification about benefit enrollment was received? Wonder no more. Your custom dashboard allows for full visibility of when messages were sent and if they were opened or clicked.

Increases transparency

Saves HR teams time

Drives more participation

Free Enrollment Orchestration

Avoid the stress and chaos that open enrollment can bring. Get a free consultation from a team that has successfully completed thousands of enrollments. 

Free Enrollment Orchestration

Avoid the stress and chaos that open enrollment can bring. Get a free consultation from a team that has successfully completed thousands of enrollments.