Worksite Communication

We work with our broker partners to help strengthen the relationship with clients throughout the entire year, not just at open enrollment. Worksite marketing goes far beyond the efforts made during open enrollment. We implement ongoing strategies that are proven to create better enrollment conditions and higher revenues over a period of time.

Gaining access to employees is traditionally the most difficult part of a successful enrollment, especially when it comes to voluntary benefits. If employees are unable to receive the information in a professional manner, it’s virtually impossible for him or her to make an educated decision. Reaching each employee can be difficult for a variety of reasons such as an over-protective employer, hard to reach locations, irregular schedules, etc. We specialize in exactly that. Getting in front of more employees. This is the value we bring to our partners.

Meeting with more employees provides a value to the employer while generating increased revenue opportunities. In addition to benefit education, meeting with individual employees allows us to provide additional services such as:

– Delivering company messages (wellness incentives, reimbursement programs, etc)
– Obtaining up-to-date employee vitals (contact info, beneficiaries, etc)
– Providing a platform for confidential employee surveys