Voluntary Benefits Enrollment

This is our wheel house, and we have scores of experience in the worksite communication process with employees. We believe there is a delicate art in the ability to effectively translate insurance terms into to a language that employees can comprehend. Voluntary products are often a foreign concept when the are initially introduced. We help to make sense of it and ultimately increase participation in the programs offered.

VB enrollment typically requires more than a check of the box. Not only are there an obscene number of product choices, there are multiple options within each plan. The carriers each have their specific platform for enrollment, there are difference rules on how to submit business. We make sense of all of this and take the guess work out of it for our clients and for each employee. Our mission is to simplify the process at every level.

We have an integrated approach when it comes to voluntary benefits education. For instance, our staff takes the time to demonstrate how a hospital plans pairs specifically with the high deductible he or she has chosen or why a critical illness plan might be a better use of funds than choosing the premium health coverage. Without a benefits counselor, participation in voluntary offerings is traditionally very low to non-existent. This is simply because employees are not acclimated to the concept when it is initially offered. At Enrollment Alliance, our average participation rate in face-to-face enrollments is north of 60% year one and greater than 75% by year three. When communicated properly, voluntary benefits become a staple to any benefit offering in today’s healthcare climate. We are able to achieve this success because of our commitment to ongoing policy service and claim support after the enrollment is complete.

With Enrollment Alliance as your vb partner, you will experience notable increases in revenue with no additional expenses or time incurred by your company.