In our world, a successful enrollment requires more than a group presentation and paper form product selection. We have developed a talented team and methodology for connecting with individual employees and helping each of them to navigate the confusing jargon of the insurance world.

We make every attempt to explain a company’s entire benefit package in a manner that employees comprehend. Using real life examples, visual aids, and numeric scenarios — our certified enrollers are trained to work with employees until they have a full understanding of his or her benefits.

The principals of Enrollment Alliance have been developed over our years of experience as voluntary benefit advisers in hundreds of accounts, insuring thousands of people. Our management team is comprised of veterans from each of the major voluntary benefit carriers including Colonial, Allstate, and Aflac. Our founding partners were each top producers for their respective carrier as voluntary benefit sales representatives. Together, our founders boast more than 40 years of vb experience and our enrollment team has an average of 11 years in worksite marketing. We have a true understanding for negotiating ideal enrollment conditions and executing more prosperous enrollments.

Coupled with our vb experience is our exuberant knowledge of core and ancillary benefit products. Case studies and hands on experience has proven that core benefits and voluntary products have a higher participation rate when they are presented to consumers as an integrated presentation. We have a strong track record for increasing revenue in core, ancillary, and voluntary premiums with our broker partners.

We are looking forward to putting our experience to work for you!