Post Enrollment Services

Creating a plan design, marketing enrollments, and meeting with each person in an organization are a few of the worksite challenges that we help our broker partners to resolve. However, the meat and potatoes of every enrollment is the post enrollment process. Once an enrollment is complete, we get to work so that our broker partners do not have to. Collecting applications, tracking down employees, and deduction reports are just a few of the tasks that we shoulder on behalf of our customers.

Post enrollment services are essential to helping all parties recognize the value of the entire enrollment process. Reporting, billing, and administration can become a burden for HR departments and brokers. Our goal is to minimize the time and effort that our clients spend on these proceedings once an enrollment is complete.

Many “enrollment firms” may stop here. However, we consider ourselves an “enrollment service” which means that we continue to support throughout the year with billing, policyholder changes, and claims. We are dedicated to being a trustworthy partner to our broker clients.

New Hire Management

New Hire Enrollment Process from Bobby Leesman on Vimeo.