Industry Knowledge

Our knowledge of the industry is the backbone of our company. Through the invaluable experience of hands on learning, we’ve acquired years of insight that helps us to better support our clients, human resource departments, and employees. Our board is comprised of individuals with more than 40 years of experience across multiple carriers and product lines.

Our collective insight allows us to help our broker partners navigate carrier products, incentives, and drawbacks at a deeper level than a vb carrier rep can offer. We partner this knowledge with our exposure to medical, dental, life and other ancillary products to provide an unparalleled approach to enrollment services.

Industry Experience

With more than 40 years of combined experience, our board truly understands how to be the best partner a broker can imagine. Collectively, we’ve held management positions with each of the notable VB carriers: Aflac, Allstate, and Colonial. We have a comprehensive knowledge of these products, claims guidelines, and commission structures that allows us to position our clients with every advantage possible.

Our resumes include more than exposure to voluntary benefits. We also have a tenure of education in core benefits. We have a keen understanding of plan design, worker’s comp mods, and other factors that play a role in the overall benefit package.

Our team has enrolled thousands of employees, from hundreds of companies for medical, dental, life, and voluntary products. As a true business partner to our clients, we also continue to service each of these companies and individuals with billing and claims assistance.