Core Benefits Experience

Many of the experts in the voluntary benefits arena were born and bred through a traditional agent channel. In other words, they grew up competing with brokers to implement voluntary products directly into local businesses. Prior to our inception as Enrollment Alliance, as agents for these carriers, we’ve always focused specifically on building broker partnerships. Our experience in the insurance business has been acquired through the lens of a broker’s eye which makes us an ideal vb partner.

While we consider ourselves experts in voluntary benefits, we have a strong understanding of core and ancillary products and their importance. We’ve enrolled hundreds of cases, insuring tens of thousands of lives that required the knowledge and expertise to communicate core benefits. We have worked on cases from 3 to 3,000+ lives, fully insured and self-funded. In our experience, an integrated enrollment approach leads to better participation in medical, ancillary, and voluntary plans.

Our ability to communicate with employees effectively will help you gain an edge on your competition and ensure long lasting, profitable relationships with your clients. Our certified enrollment team has a seasoned approach to translating confusing insurance jargon into easily digestible information that employees can understand. We take the time familiarize ourselves with the intricacies of a plan design so that we can answer even the most detailed questions that arise.

You can feel confident including us in your client meetings and strategic sessions. With more than 40 years of combined experience, our management team is equipped with the skills to help you acquire more accounts and to develop meaningful enrollment strategies.